SALICYLATES Information Pack

Salicylates are a family of natural plant chemicals.


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Salicylates are natural plant chemicals. They act as a natural hormone and preservative; protecting the plants against diseases, insects, fungi and harmful bacteria.

For those with a Salicylate sensitivity or those wondering why they react to certain ‘random’ foods, becoming AWARE of Salicylates, where they’re found and to what LEVEL, is essential for understanding your potential triggers and tolerance levels.

Salicylates are hard to avoid as the natural plant chemicals are in nearly all FRUITS, VEGETABLES and SPICES in varying amounts - which is why pinpointing triggers can often be extremely frustrating.

The following extensive Salicylate information pack makes the detective work easier with a series of lists across all food groups and their Salicylate Level. Ranging from SAFE, LOW, MODERATE, HIGH, to VERY HIGH and including; Fruit, Vegetables, Spices, Grains, Meats, Condiments/Sauces/Seasonings, Sweeteners & Beverages, as well as Medicines and Essential Oils.

For those Sensitive to Salicylates, becoming familiar with the lists gives you the AWARENESS and the choice to AVOID – and a peace of mind!

Keeping a FOOD DIARY is also a really good idea to track your intake and help you to see your tolerance levels. Be mindful that what you eat over the course of a day is cumulative and can push your tolerance levels over the threshold and potentially into a reaction. So being AWARE of what you're eating/it’s Salicylate level, within a daily intake is a really good way to monitor your tolerance/overload limit.

Salicylate symptoms are unique, wide & varied from red, tingling and swollen lips to a spreading rash, hives around the mouth, sinus congestion, head and tummy aches, wheezing and diarrhea.

A 10 page PDF document.