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I strongly believe that a journey through Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or any Intolerance, provides us with a valuable life changing lesson. The symptoms we experience are as UNIQUE AS A FINGERPRINT but the message they send, is the same for all – they’re a cry from our bodies, for us to listen and make important changes.

Tuning into the body and acknowledging the symptoms’ message is the beginning. It’s the time to seek AWARENESS and AVOIDANCE, to help consciously make the choices that will allow us to thrive, not just survive.

TOXINS and STRESS are synonymous and play a vital role in triggering our ‘flight or fight’ response. Both can be perceived by the body as a cumulative poison, in varying levels and forms – from what we INGEST, come into CONTACT with and the AIR we breathe. Likewise, our modern day existence barrages the body and mind with stress from all angles, from major, mild and minor, it’s constant - effecting our thoughts, our sleep, emotions and hormones.

And so the cycle goes on, for Canaries and others who react; our body’s incredible biochemical response kicks in, or for some, remains permanently on HIGH ALERT, triggering symptoms - the body’s red flag to get us to listen.

Short term solutions are NOT the long term answer – they suppress, mask or quick-fix until the prescription runs out.

FINDING THE CAUSE is the first part of the LONG TERM SOLUTION.

How are our bodies’ measure and perceive that threat is key.

Followed by learning to retrain and calm it’s response whilst consciously and consistently lowering your overall Toxin intake, from the products you use, the foods you eat, the air you breathe AND the life you chose to lead but also how you approach it.  Imagine your body as a ‘toxic’ measuring cup -  the greater the volume, the greater the body’s burden and its struggle to maintain in balance and un-reactive.

It’s a completely 360 degrees way of looking, understanding and listening to the body’s need and it’s the game changer.



Severity of symptoms, depend on the trigger SOURCE, EXPOSURE and DURATION.

The type of symptoms, depends entirely on the individual – for some a trigger source may result in hives, itchy skin, full eczema, for others it may be breathing difficulties, asthma, headaches, tummy aches, diarrhoea or a jolly combo – the list goes on and is different for all!

Similarly, in my opinion it’s why some people react and other don’t. It’s also why some people suddenly begin to react who never have before. Like the fingerprint, both what the body computes as a toxin and then its reaction, is completely unique to the individual.  

DISCOVERING the SOURCE of the trigger is often the hardest part and so is learning the potential MYRIAD of OTHER PRODUCTS that the trigger can also be found in. Sometimes the body’s immune system is so overwhelmed and ‘scrambled’, that discovering causes can be like peeling an onion.

Hence the purpose of this site, hopefully the A-Z Directory and Blogs can help you to question, navigate and minimise both your exposures and symptoms. 

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For more information of our journey, or if you'd like to discover how we discovered to read our body's symptoms please read Me and Mine

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Disclaimer - Please understand I am not an expert, medical practitioner or biochemist, nor am I selling.

The aim is to share knowledge & experience.




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