A bit of background about Me and Mine

I grew up with chronic asthma, spending my first years living in an oxygen bubble in the hospital where I was born - my situation was acute and completely undiagnosed. As a teenager, I recall a consultation with an esteemed UK allergy specialist cancelling prior to our appointment saying, ‘it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack’. So, unaware of my triggers, life was a steady bombardment of albeit lifesaving inhalers, preventers, steroids, nebulisers and repeat antibiotics until my mid 20’s.

Years later (in Australia) my daughter Molly was born – she literally never slept, unsettled, distended, constipated and portraying extreme behaviour. We honestly reconciled all her symptoms to be the result of us being first time parents and the situation as ‘normal’, as did our sympathetic Doctor.

Then Toby was born, seemingly and suddenly ‘allergic’ to life. He was Chemically Sensitive to the extreme, affecting both his skin and breathing (itchy inflamed rashes, hives, eczema, swollen eyes & lips, chronic asthma and explosive bouts of diarrhoea). Our (now in NZ) Doctor confirmed his body was fighting conventional medicine and suggested we seek alternative routes – the cumulative & overwhelming stress of which, triggered me back into reaction mode and suddenly we were both Canaries in the same cage, plus little Molly who we thought was just an extreme case of the ‘terrible two’s’.  

Each of our triggers and tolerance levels were different, as were our symptoms but they were all 'switched on' by a combination of toxic overload, exposure and stress with scrambled impaired immune systems unable to cope. 

No longer being able to rely on ‘western medicine’ to treat Toby’s symptoms, it was our ‘point of no return’ and the beginning of my infinite search for information on what, why and where - with the ultimate goal of finding the ‘OFF switch’ no matter how alternative! A lifetime of not being able to breathe and having two young hyper reactive children will lead you to challenge your beliefs in what we’re taught, what we know and what is culturally expected, gone before and ‘trusted’.  The journey definitely turned all that on its head!

The answer was experiencing and then learning about the BODY’S own ENERGY and how to READ, RE-BOOT and RE-HABIT the body’s incredible unseen but ever present energy systems to balance the physical.

Luckily I have a curious and intuitive mind that became stronger – seeking information, questioning ingredients and looking into ‘trusted brand’s’ truths was at times exhausting and potentially overwhelming but started something that became my passion.  Rather than burn out on an ‘Erin Brockovich’ style mission, I focused purely on me and mine, determined not to be victims to our symptoms and hell bent on keeping a positive outlook and self-belief that the body can and will heal if we understand and listen to it.  A cheeky sense of humour and a happy ‘fuck it' approach also helped but let me tell you, there were some dark, dark days.

Energy work gives the most powerful insight on being guided by our body’s response to find the triggers and re-BALANCE AND re-boot our systems – it gave us our lives back and enables us to live healthy, normal and for the majority of the time, symptom free happy, full lives.

Awareness & Avoidance, understanding our unique triggers, tolerance levels and checking in with our constantly changing energy body to keep the physical body strong and in balance is the 'off switch' to a life reacting.

I am hugely passionate about sharing my knowledge, my experience and being able to help others through my experience with Chemical Sensitivities & Energy work.  I began CanaryBird with the intention that it may benefit those awake long into the night wondering ‘what & why’ – it comes with both an open mind and an open heart that the MCS journey has to be for a reason.

For in-person Energy sessions or for any online or over the phone questions you may have please send me a message.