ROSIN or Colophony is a yellow, sticky sap tapped from pine & spruce tree trunks. The living trees are 'tapped' and the rosin gum is distilled, producing turpentine oil and colophony. It is the complex natural residue left after distilling off the volatile oils.

Rosin sensitivity can cause contact dermatitis (immediate and delayed) as well as breathing problems, eye and nose irritation and is difficult to avoid, as it’s found in so many everyday things – so awareness is key.  

Where to find it:

Adhesives, sticking plasters, tapes, sports tapes and glues
Cements for linoleum, rubber, shoes
Chewing gum
Cleaners for machines, leather and removing grease from clothes
Cosmetics; eyeshadow, mascara, blush, hair pomade and transparent soaps, sunscreens, hair-removal waxes, nail varnish
Dental floss, Dental cement, impression pastes and cavity varnish
Diapers, incontinence pads & feminine hygiene products
Disinfectants and insecticides
Inks, felt tips, marking pens, artists’ ink, printing ink, (magazines & newsprint)
Insulation & plumbing tape
Floor coverings (adhesive) e.g. linoleum
Glues, postage stamps
Grease (axle) and lubricants
Match tip
Medicaments – as a preservative, adds adhesive properties to ointments and creams e.g. wart removers, nappy creams, cold sore cream
Ostomy appliance
Paper Products surface coating (largest single use) – adds water resistance, glossy paper, photographic paper, can labels, takeaway containers
Polish for floors, furniture, shoes and cars
Polythene (polyethylene)
Printing – inks, paper & photograph
Resins eg epoxy resin
Rubber – synthetic
Sawdust and resins of pine and spruce
Shoes (adhesives) and clothing
Soldering fluxes and soldering agents
Stains (furniture, wood)
Surface coatings eg price labels, rust-proofing, 
Tacky substances – to prevent slipping eg athletic grips, sports handle (tennis, golf, cricket etc)
Waterproofing agents eg. Cardboard, cloth
Waxes; car, grafting, string instruments, furniture, shoemaker, ski etc
Wood; pine and spruce

Other names for Rosin or Colophony

  • Colophonium
  • Resin terebinthinae
  • Tall oil
  • Abietic acid
  • Methyl abietate alcohol
  • Abietic alcohol/ alcoholGranolite SG
  • Abitol ColophonyResina terebinthinate
  • Dertomal 18Hercolyn D
  • Dercolyte ZSGum rosin
  • Dertophene 18Rosin
  • Foral 105Staybelite 10
  • W-W woodrosin Tall oil rosin sensitivity-from-sticking-plaster-allergy-to-newspaper

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